Bits Bonaire

Why Bonaire, well like many people a holiday and sold :-))

The first thing I noticed was the expensive phonecalling with The Netherlands and i thought -as hosting provider-: We need to do something with it. So Elcanet Bonaire been asked by the Chamber of Commerce. (see more at Elcanet Bonaire) In addition, in my mind might like to offer some standard hosting.
We all know how it here (on Bonaire) works, it is not so fast, so after a long wait on BuZa, meanwhile I met Hannie en Gijs. Hannie was former owner of BitsBonaire and had quite a few things on her hands. Below is a piece indicated by herself:

"Having multiple companies means, you have to constantly juggle with different tasks. It also means, that no project actually can be completed 100% perfectly before you should begin the next job, which is very stressful and frustrating.  
Because we think quality over quantity, we have decided that we need to set priorities and we have to put our own projects on Bonaire (Perla Boneriano and Bonaire East Coast Diving). So that means, we had to make thé toughest decision to find a good successor for BITS bv. Luckily we found this successor in the person of William Lagerberg, who took over the activities of BITS eg from April 1st 2010. William will continue with the company in the same spirit in which we have always done. The service remains at an equally high level and prices will not be increased. Existing agreements are maintained. In addition, we will remain a few months available for William so the transfer will run as smooth as possible."

Of course there have been some minor problems of customers who had a website paid out of courtesy but paid nothing else. You understand that it was difficult for commercial reasons to keep this going. Here we have tried as much as possible to deal with, not always with satisfaction.
We do have some commercial activities example: The Animal Shelter, MiVaBo, MerrysBonaire, Bonaire saillingschool and many more.

In any case, all sites are running optimally and we have a contact person on Bonaire, in the form of Marc Kooij who makes websites for Bits Bonaire and solves the small problems.

Marc is very active with ranking in Google and may cause your site to come up higher in the search engines.



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