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Quality of Service

Quality of service

Voxbone operates a fully redundant core network and global IP backbone that scored a 100% uptime in 2010. Owning the network infrastructure licenses and number ranges where possible we have full control of the end-to-end service.

Voxbone does not take risks and only provides services in countries with stable regulatory frameworks guaranteeing long term service continuity.


Global number coverage

Global number coverage

Voxbone developed long-term partnerships with regulators and carriers all over the world to build a vast network for inbound telephone numbers. At this point our coverage spans across 50 countries and 4000+ cities on all 5 continents.

Voxbone is commited to continously expanding the coverage in order to fulfill the requirements of our rapidly growing customer base.


24x7 support

24x7 support

Voxbone ensures 24x7 technical support for all customers. A unique ticketing system enables a transparent and seamless support that is provided by our transatlantic team in multiple shifts. The target response time for any technical ticket is 15 minutes.

Furthermore we work with pro-active notifications for our customers in case there are identified downtimes, planned network maintenance or other important news.


Powerful Webportal and API

Powerful Webportal and API

Voxbone's secure web site allows our customers to order and configure numbers online. Furthermore we grant access to the latest coverage, pricing and a detailed knowledge base. The ordering process is completely automated and numbers are provisioned in real-time. The user interface is clearly structured and the usage is self explanatory.

Voxbone's API (Application Programming Interface) is a web module that allows our customers to transparently resell and configure Voxbone numbers in any web based environment.


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