How does directadmin work?

DirectAdmin is an operating system that gives easy access to the many features that are used to manage a website. Directadmin controls the server and shows for each control group what the status of all aspects like the data space, the e-mail accounts and for example the dns settings.

DirectAdmin offers a clear overview, but the management where but management where you can easily make changes and launch accounts is the main force of DirectAdmin.

We will go through all the features of DirectAdmin with you so you know how things can get done in this handy management system.

1st DirectAdmin area – Your account

Your account is useful for web hosts and people who are very active as webmaster. So you have a Dns Management, a Support Center where you can manage your tickets and creation, and the ability to see the installed Perl modules.  The statistics will not be read frequently by a blogger or company itself that operates in a different industry.

What is very practical, are the following options that can be found in the Your Account section:

Create/Restore backups you can use to run a copy of the current database, and the data of the e-mails. Which you can later restore when needed. For example if your site will ever be hacked, and for example, when you change a program which turned out wrong.

Ftp Management gives you opportunities to create new accounts, for example, the web designer.

Subdomain Management can be used to create sub-domains. The domains get another extension in regular. For example and for some servers the subdomain for the regular domain appears

MySql Management gives you a clear overview of the databases that have been created, it allows you to create new or modify via the Direct Admin link.

Password Protected Directories shows you the files including the CMOD / file permissions they have. Also you can change them to writable and non-writable by changing the code to for example 777 naar 555 or xxx.

The File Manager is a kind of limited FTP client that gives you options to delete, download and upload files.

2nd DirectAdmin area – E-mail management


E-mail accounts can be used to create and delete email addresses, However, if you want to forward the emails that arrive you can use Forwarders. This is useful when you have multiple websites and you want different email address for each of them. You can forward the mail from various inboxes into one accout.

An Autoresponder is a message that you can format, that message will be send to anyone who sends you an email. So you can let them know that their mail has arrived or let you know that you will not directly read the mail because you are on holiday. This can also be done with Vacation Messages which makes a function possible you turn on the responder to move at a certain time and then automatically turns off. How often do you see holiday messages from companies that have long since expired! This is how to avoid that.

Spamassasin Setup can be used to remove unwanted spam directly to the spam folder locations or be deletend instantly. You can also adjust the control level and give the spam messages a name to the title so you immediately see that it is spam. Also check the function of the spam filters which is described below.

Mailing Lists lets you create a list of addresses that you can mail. It is often ruined by an e-mail program like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, but the possibilities are there.

Spam filters won't detect only the regular spam mails but you can adjust on email size and certain words. You can also filter domains and email addresses. However, because these often change at Spambot a word filter is the most useful. Use it with caution and do not put words into filter that are common used!

2nd DirectAdmin area – Advanced Features

The Advanced Features are not only advanced aspects that you will not use, this also contains the Site Redirection that allows you to redirect the web URL to another address. The Installatron Applications Installer is also an aspect that is very popular with hosting users since you can install applications as WordPress, Joomla, Magento with just a few mouse clicks! The Installatron also sets the MySql databases for you.

MyPhP Admin that you can reach via the previously described MySql Management System is accessed directly here.

The Mine Types, Cron Jobs and Apache Handlers you will not use so often. Only the extensive automated websites will have to deal with it.

As you may have read is DirectAdmin multifunctional, however, DirectAdmin is not available by default on every hosting provider, some make it less pleasant and offer the Cpanel and some offer no admin management system at all. It is also common that some features are missing or need to be bought for a monthly fee

At Elcanet you this entire DirectAdmin system without paying extra! Including Installatron and sufficient permissions to create email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases!


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