As a customer of Bitserver Internetservices you're used to a quick service, reliable houting and a good solution with internet problems. That is why you chose us as your internet partner. The internet site, your e-mail: it is supposed to work. It's after all an important subject within your company.  

On acquisition of Bitserver we, Elcanet, had a tricky start, first the switch from Boekel-it to JanNico. JanNico has searched another partner where to he had moved everything to try and keep the quality high, later turned out that unfortunately this wasn't a wise choice. After that is in the last year the collaboration with Elcanet started. We spent evenings and nights to slowly download the sites and the mail to our own hosting environment (based on servers in an VM-Ware platform with high speed and high redundant). Of all sites we had to move 48 sites 2 weeks ago, when it appeared there was a security problem on that server. The message sorry there is malware detected, the sites and the mail still work, was far from true. We were busy till late on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to move everything to our servers and have moved everything by now.

If you encounter problems with your site or email traffic let us know, we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible. We have the service picked up for you and with JanNico as our last resort on Texel, try our service and services to perform as well as possible.
For questions or problems, you want to be helped fast. At Elcanet is the reachability is guaranteed we work with a larger team and are always reachable. With years experience in system management and internet services Met jaren ervaring in systeembeheer en Internetdiensten we know very well how to analyze a problem and to offer the right solution.

Why is Bitserver sold? In order to ensure a good service of today, it is important to have volume, houting a minimum of 1000 sites, thereby to reduce costs and remain the expertise level. The development is so fast that the smaller hosting companies are becoming increasingly difficult to keep up to date. This is now assured, what for you as a customer also has the advantage that it can be operated competitively.

Our contact at Texel remains JanNico van der Ploeg, but you can also call us directly via 085 8880444.

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