Why Elcanet ?

Why would you put your internet services at elcanet, there are so many providers, and they all do the same!!

No that's not true. We want to present ourselves above the others, in quality, service and speed. Sometimes that is very hard, but mostly we do very well. An example of this is more than 80% of our customers came to us through other customers, and what is better than person to person advertisement.

We have a small team of motivated people, with each their own qualities. Every single one of them motivated to help you as a customer as quick and as good as possible. No matter how small your problem or question, we will always try to give an answer where you as a customer feel comfortable.

How do we ensure that the quality is high and stays high? All products we provide, we use ourself too to test if our products still meet our high standards. If there is a choice between low, medium and high, we will always go for the maximum quality. Of course this does have a high price card, but on long term we notice it ends up positive.

A good service we guarantee with a maximum availability, (as far as a small organization permits) always attainable through our by email sent ticket system. Wherever we are, we can always ensure that your interests are well represented. 

Achieving a high speed is determined by our choice of the greenest data center from Netherlands, Gyro center of Amsterdam.

corridor_cyberThe data center is one of the first data centers in Europe in possession of the EUE-certificate (Energy Usage Effectiveness standard), a proof that we meet with the highest environment demants of this moment, which will be obliged in the entire EU from 2011. Also by using 100% durable energy (from windmill parks), and pro-active control the energy usage, our customers are ensured of being hosted in a "green" surrounding.

The data center of GYRO Center is protected against burglary, fire and power cuts. All critical processes are managed and guarded trough an advanced Building Management System (BMS). This system provides more than enough safety, so by example all large undertakings like the aviation, IT, insurance, finances and media will choose for GYRO Center.



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