xserve_cyberOur hosting platform has started only Apple equipment from our expertise as Apple dealer.

We try as a partner in a very customer-friendly way as much as possible to make our customers hands. Here should, we think, be a price ticket on. The last year we make especially with new customers a strong demand by a self-managing system.  This we have tried to achieve on the Linux platform with the base CentOS which ensures a high profile and high reliability.

For new customers, we try to explain how that has grown: 7 years ago when you asked for the ip data from a mail server or asked to change the the mx record at a ISP, because you that needed at a customer at that time, that could actually be realized immediately. A year later began sending a fax, and later still could not remember the same day, when we had already figured out that that was not such a premise. And we were hosting our own customers from that moment, which has grown into quite a major undertaking. After more than 5 years actually just spent with apple, we used slowly but surely more and more direct Unix, then follows Linux, by the large amount of open source software.

As Hosting platform we started 4D Webstar, which in my opinion is still one of the most beautifully built packages that's still running. After that we went on hosting just on an OSX server, very reliable but labor intensive. With a seperate server of the Kerio brand. Where customers now have the option to choose between standard mail and Kerio mail.


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