C475 IP

Comfort op alle lijnen

  • Geïntegreerd antwoordapparaat, voor alle lijnen
  • Ook buitenshuis af te luisteren en te bedienen
  • ECO DECT; variabel zendvermogen en tot 60% energiebesparing
  • Dual mode; Gewoon en Internetbellen tot 3 gesprekken tegelijkertijd
  • Dual mode: easy switch from internet calls to fixed-line calls by single keypress
  • Expandable phone system with multiline calling for up to 6 handsets and 6 SIP accounts from different providers
  • ECO DECT – for 60% less energy use¹ and variable reduction of transmitting power
  • Easy configuration of internet telephony (VoIP) without a PC
  •**: Worldwide free of charge calls between supporting VoIP phones
  • Up to 3 calls in parallel: 2 VoIP calls and 1 fixed-line call with multiple handsets
  • E-mail notification with time, date and subject
  • Instant Messaging (buddy list, chatting, presence status)
  • Increased virus protection thanks to protected operating system
  • Convenient handsfree talking in brilliant sound quality
  • CLIP** / CNIP**
  • Illuminated display with  4096 colors and 128 x  128 pixels
  • Intuitive icon-based menu
  • SMS** with up to  612 characters
  • Phonebook for up to 150 names and numbers

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