Website / design

A website is actually a collection of a few (or very many) internet pages. If you find out how an internet page works, and also know how to link internet pages to each other, you can make a website.

Design of web pages

Internet pages  are mainly made in a special computer language that's called HTML. If you request a web page, then the Web server sends a file to the browser on your computer. This file is filled with HTML tags and text.

There are many computer programs or tools to deal with web pages, but the purpose of this article is to show that making a web page is actually very simple, with just a program like Notepad (windows) or simpletext (macintosh).


An HTML file is made very easy, take a look at this example:


You see the words that are identified by the code back in the title bar of the browser. The sentence in the section with the code can be found in the browser window.

The structure of an HTML file

Each HTML file is constructed in a standard way.

Take another look at the example and explanations:


  • There is first a code which indicates that it is a file that works with the programming language HTML.
  • Then follows a so-called header, which start with the code and ending with the code. In the Header can be all sorts of information of importante for the browser, such as the title of the page, but also an indication of the language in which the page is written or the program that the page was created.
  • After the header follows the so-called Body. The body starts with the code and ends with the code. The body contains the actual text of the web page, and if necessary, any additional HTML codes for example to include hyperlinks or images.
  • The web page will always ends with an end code to indicate that the web page has ended.

  • HTML code on a web page

    The codes consist of HTML, almost all of a combination of a start code and an end code. Just look at a small piece of the example:


    The code indicates that immediately after the title of the web page begins. In order to indicate where the title ends, the code is used. The dash / displays all codes that it is the final code.

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